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  The Birth
The Humanity's Morning Tide
  Acceptance of Islam
  Beginning of Persecution
  Quraysh in a Fix
Muslims migrate to Abyssinia
Hazrat Umar embraces Islam
  Boycott of Bani Hashim
  The Year of Grief
  Journey to Taif
  The Ascension
  The Risky Path of Islam
The Beginning of Islam among the Ansar
Strategic importance of Madina
Expansion of Islam in Madina
  The Rejection
  The Weak Influence
Adherence to cultural heritage
  The Jews and Christians
  Tribal Customs
The Opposition of the Quraysh
  Under the Rulership
  The Migration (Hijrat)
Prophet's Migration to Madina
  Lessons and Examples
 Prophet's Migration to Madina  
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) came to Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) and told him that God had given him permission to migrate from Mecca. Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) exclaimed, "Together, O Prophet (Peace be upon him) of God?"; for he was anxious to keep him company." Then Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) presented two dromedaries he had been keeping in time for the purpose. 'Abdallah Ibn Urayqit was hired by Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) to act as a guide.

The unbelieving Quraysh of Mecca were bitterly set against the Prophet (Peace be upon him). Yet they were absolutely convinced of his truthfulness and trustworthiness, nobility and magnanimity. If anybody in Mecca apprehended loss or misappropriation of his property, he usually deposited it with the Prophet (Peace be upon him). The Prophet (Peace be upon him) had thus a number of things committed to his care. He, therefore, charged 'Ali to return these to their owners before leaving Mecca. Of a fact, such a square dealing at this critical moment is a strange commentary on the nobility of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) as well as the callousness thus clarified by God.

"We know well how their talk grieveth thee, though in truth they deny not thee (Muhammad) but evil-doers flout the revelations of Allah." [Qur'an 6:33]

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