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About Us

  About Us
  Our Mission / Vision
  Our Goal
  About Us  
 Welcome to ,  a web portal primarily developed
To disseminate  the true knowledge and spirit of Islam
To provide a platform for a healthy inter faith dialogue and better undersstanding amongst followers of various ideologies
To foster a spirit of  brotherhood and unity in the midst of diversity
To present a balanced point of view on contemporary issues
To promote an environment of  social and educational welfare 
To demystify the myths created by Islamophobia and present a true picture of Islam
Islamvision is created and maintained by Islam Darshan Kendra a non profit organization that operates through the collaborative efforts of Islamic scholars and volunteers based at various locations. Islamvision is a holistic journey of education and enlightenment. This site aims to present Islam as it keeps up with modern times in all areas. Attempt has been made to present a balanced and accurate picture of Islam as it had been taught and practiced by the most noble messenger Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him-PBUH). All reasonable attempts have been made to prevent unauthentic information from being carried on this site. Islamvision aims to build a righteous society on stable and abiding foundations.
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