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The Islamic belief and world-view regarding Environment is as follows. According to Islam salvation in the life hereafter is of prime concern to all the human beings. This does not mean that people who wish to lead a clean and pious life should leave this material world and approach the mountains and forests for meditation as a hermit.

Although, the harnessing of the material world and environment surrounding him is not the aim and objective of his life, but it is definitely a precious resource in achieving salvation. Mankind is neither the enemy nor the master or the slave of the material world.

Everything in this universe solely belongs to the one and only ALLAH who is the Master, Sustainer and Lord of all things in it and He has made each and every Human being a trustee of all these material goods present in the environment. The aim and objective of human life is to achieve the pleasure of Allah by making use of this time and opportunity (life granted to him) and employing this material world as a means to attain the ultimate goal.

These means should not be used indiscriminately but as per the wish and rule of the Master and Sustainer. They have to be employed in the best possible method for individual benefit as well as for the society at large. Man should neither snatch others' resources nor should destroy them since the Master of both is the same.

To preserve the environment, to conserve it and to develop it is beneficial for him as well as for the entire civilization. This wealth that he has received from his ancestors has to be passed on to his progeny and this is the basic responsibility of all human beings. According to Islam a person will be rewarded or punished based on his attitude and approach towards the environment i.e. development or destruction.

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