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At the very primal beginning, the universe was one. Then, it was cloven asunder by a mighty Force to form the heavens and the earth and all the galaxies and planets that swim in between.

In Islam, this Force is known as Allah Almighty, the true and one-and-only-one God of Creation. The term Allah has no plural or gender. This is its uniqueness when compared with the word 'god' used by many other religions that can be made into the plural or feminine forms, gods and goddess respectively.

Belief in Almighty Allah is the core tenet of Islamic teachings, and it heads the six Articles of Faith, namely belief in:
  • Allah Almighty
  • His Angels
  • His Revelations
  • His Messengers
  • The Hereafter, and
  • Fate & Destiny
  Allah is the Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him. This He explicitly states in the Qur'an:  
  "…. There is nothing whatever like unto Him, and He is the One that hears and sees (all things)." [Ash-Shoora: 11]  
Allah's rights upon His creation are absolute. He is the sole Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, the Almighty who created everything with absolute wisdom, the One who initiated every being from nothing.
"And Allah has brought you out from the wombs of your mothers while you know nothing. And He gave you hearing, sight and hearts that you might give thanks (to Allah)." [An-Nahl: 78]

Allah Almighty has complete control over his slaves and His bounties are countless. He demands that His Creation, including mankind, to worship Him alone without ascribing any partners to Him, and be His true slaves

"And I (Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except they should worship Me (alone). I seek not any provision from them nor do I ask that they should feed Me. Verily, Allah is the All-Provider, Owner of Power, the Most Strong." [Az-Zaariyaat: 56-58]

In order to be among those who are blessed with His guidance, one should make every effort to learn more about Allah. We can know more about Him from His Beautiful Names and Attributes and from the teachings of His Prophets (a.s.) who are receivers of Divine Revelations. All of them preach the same message that:

"He is Almighty Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Forms (or Colours). To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names." [Al-Hashr: 24]

Those who have been shown the Light are very fortunate as their hearts and minds are very receptive to His Words, and they readily accept the Reality as it comes. This power of guidance lies with Allah alone as He says:

"Allah guided whom He wills to a path that is straight." [Al-Baqarah: 213]

One can also, with the leave of Allah, painstakingly arrive at the Truth via the cold facts of science, sincere analogy and deep contemplation. Those who opt for the scientific path are now beginning to discover that the earth and the heavens above (the sun, the moon, stars, planets, galaxies, etc.) are formed from one particular type of 'smoke', and have come to the conclusion that the earth and the heavens were indeed one connected entity.

The Holy Qur'an supports this finding:

"Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together before we clove them asunder." [Al-Anbiyaa': 30]
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