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As far as the material wealth is concerned, they forget the fact that we human beings do not use these resources as it is (in their original form). These material resources are harnessed and considerable value is added to it before they are put to use.

Newer sources are being discovered gradually as man is expanding his scope of knowledge about the natural wealth present in the earth. We can cite here one very important example regarding the resources of energy contained in our planet.

We know that wood was the only source of fuel on the earth in the olden times but consequently as the technological revolution started man went deep down the earth and discovered huge amounts of fuel over there in the form of coal, oil and natural gas which are far better that ordinary wood with regards to the energy emitted by them during the process of combustion.

Then man put a big step forward and extracted an enormous amount of energy resulting from the splitting up of an atom called Nuclear Fission. We are also aware that a much bigger success lies in store for us when we are successfully able to generate energy by the fusion or union of two atoms, which is called Nuclear Fusion.

Tests for generating energy by Nuclear Fusion have been successfully been conducted in the laboratories but have still to be put to practice at a larger scale. A considerable amount of energy is also being harnessed by virtue of wind and solar power. Hence the perception that the sources of natural wealth possessed by us are limited is totally wrong.

The fact is that enormous potential lies in wait for us and we need people to utilise it. The belief that population is a hurdle in the path of progress has been proved wrong by Japan where the distribution of population per unit area is the highest in the world.

Moreover they do not even have large stocks of mineral resources with them but the sheer hard work, sincerity and enthusiasm of the Japanese people have transformed their nation into a very powerful economic power. The basic reason being that they do not consider their population to be a liability but an asset and this is helping them to conquer the world.

The supremacy of India in the field of Information Technology is not due to vast material resources but because of large quantity of brainpower that we have. Also it is only due to this large population of India and China that the western nations are interested in us since they see in us the making of a huge market to sell their products. Finally population control has its own ethical consequences.

If a person is so self-centered so as to kill his own child on account of the fear that he or she will have to spend his wealth on the child, how can we expect mercy from them towards other people?

If the society starts considering their children as a liability as is the common practice observed nowadays, the day is not far when the children themselves will start considering their parents as a liability resulting into the breakup of the very bonds of affection that are so vital in the preservation of family life. Eventually what will remain in the society will be sheer selfishness and cruelty giving rise to corruption and exploitation.

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