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The glorification of nudity as a symbol of a progressive civilization and modernism has promoted immodesty to a great extent. Islam, on the other hand, has promoted modesty and decency by legally making compulsory to wear a costume to cover the body.

According to the so-called modernists, the purpose of wearing a dress is not to conceal the attractive and finer parts of the body, but to adorn it. On the contrary Islam places a great emphasis on covering nudity. Islam has admonished its adherents to compulsorily cover those parts of a male physique that attract women and those of women that cause excitement in men.

The costume of women is considered to be more sensitive in almost all the human societies. The sheer attractive body structure of a woman, which is no match for a man's physical makeup, requires to be concealed with a high degree of modesty.

That is why Islam has given clear and comprehensive instructions regarding clothing. In fact the instructions to cover oneself were given at the dawn of human civilization itself. Islam has clearly instructed the compulsory covering of those parts of men and women that incite passions in the opposite sex. Men should always cover themselves from the navel to the knee.

Women should cover their entire body except face and arms. Barring ones spouse people are not allowed to expose themselves to any other person. Further a woman is allowed to adorn herself with her beautification and ornaments only in presence of other women, husband, relatives with whom marriage is forbidden, servants and children. This in no way, tends to curb her freedom but in fact protects her honour and modesty.

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