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 Some Important Issues  
Since Islam is not a religion in the common, distorted meaning of the word, confining its scope to the private life of man, it gives elaborate guidelines in every possible walk of life. Some more important issues like food, war & death are discussed in the following paragraphs to give the reader an idea of Islam’s point of view on such issues of immense importance.
  What does Islam say about food?  
Although much simpler than the dietary law followed by Jews and the early Christians, the code which Muslims observe forbids the consumption of pig meat or any kind of intoxicating drink. The Prophet taught that ‘your body has rights over you’, and the consumption of wholesome food and the leading of a healthy lifestyle are seen as religious obligations

The Prophet said:

‘Ask God for certainty (of faith) and well-being; for after certainty, no one is given any gift better than health!’
  What does Islam say about war?  
Like Christianity, Islam permits fighting in self-defence of religion, or on the part of those who have been expelled forcibly from their homes. It lays down strict rules of combat that include prohibitions against harming civilians and against destroying crops, trees and livestock. As Muslims see it, injustice would be triumphant in the world if good men were not prepared to risk their lives in a righteous cause. The Qur’an says:

Fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but do not transgress limits. God does not love transgressors. [2:190]

If they seek peace, then seek you peace. And trust in God for he is the one that heareth and knoweth all things. [8:61]

War, therefore, is the last resort, and is subject to the rigorous conditions laid down by the sacred law. The term jihad literally means ‘struggle ‘, and Muslims believe that there are two kinds of jihad. The other ‘jihad’ is the inner struggle which every one wages against egotistic desires, for the sake of attaining inner peace.
  How do Muslims view death?  
Like Jews and Christians, Muslims believe that the present life is only a trial preparation for the next realm of existence. Basic articles of faith include: the Day of Judgement, resurrection, Heaven and Hell. When a Muslim dies, he or she is washed, usually by a family member, wrapped in a clean white cloth, and buried with a simple prayer preferably the same day.

Muslims consider this one of the final services they can do for their relatives, and an opportunity to remember their own brief existence hereon earth. The Prophet taught that three things can continue to help a person even after death; charity which he had given, knowledge which he had taught and prayers on their behalf by a righteous child.
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